Wire Funding

Bakkt enables clients to use wires to fund accounts. See the high level overview of the process below.

A high-level overview of the wire flow.

A high-level overview of the wire flows.


Clients can initiate wire withdraws using the Fiat Transfer API. The request requires wire instructions be provided so that we know where to send the wire. Bakkt will send to the wire instructions provided and is not responsible for sending wires to accounts that were provided incorrectly.


Clients can use the Wire Instructions API to request wire instructions for a particular user. Each user has a unique wire reference code which is used to match an incoming wire to the user who sent it. This wire reference code must be sent in the Beneficiary instructions field of the wire. The wire instructions should be displayed in the app or webpage on the wire deposits section.

Each time a user goes to view that information page, the API should be called. It's possible that our banking info has changed, and they need the latest wire instructions to ensure the wire is sent to the correct bank/account. Wires sent to the wrong account with be rejected. If our wire instructions change, we will notify the client so that a notification can be sent to your users if desired. Clients can also send the wire instructions to the user when the wire instructions API is called if desired.

Name Matching

The name in the wire must match the name in the account with Bakkt. Bakkt may reach out to the partner to confirm names that are close but not an exact match belong to the same user (John Smith vs John D. Smith or Richard Smith vs Dick Smith). If the name is completely different (such as a spouse’s name) Bakkt will reject the wire.

Wire Processing Cutoff Times

  • Wires received by 2 PM ET on business days are processed by 4 PM the same day.
  • Wires received after 2 PM ET, up until 8 AM ET the next business day, are processed by 10 AM.
  • Wires received on non-business days are processed by 10 AM ET the next business day.


Webhooks will be sent to indicate wires have been processed/booked. For examples, see the Webhooks section.

Communications and Support

Bakkt will setup a slack channel with clients who use our wire APIs. For other support related inquiries, see the Support & Feedback section.

For frequently asked questions, see the FAQ section.