Event Notifications


Bakkt's event notification system is designed to provide clients with timely updates that are essential for cryptocurrency trading and account management. Bakkt utilizes a multifaceted notification system in order to navigate the cryptocurrency market efficiently, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Queue Service (SQS), webhooks, and websockets to deliver a variety of notifications.

Event Notification Types

  • Webhooks: Facilitate notifications and updates for customer account creation and fiat onramp integration.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Queue Service (SQS): Automates REST order management notifications, including cryptocurrency orders, transfers, batch trade and allocations, and gifting rewards.
  • Websockets: Provide live market data, essential for real-time trading.

For guidance on integrating websockets for market data notifications, consult the Market Data Feed documentation. Subsequent sections will focus on integrating AWS SQS and webhooks.