Daily Coin Transfers

In order to view cryptocurrency (i.e., crypto) transfers occurring in investor accounts, Bakkt provides daily Coin Transfer files to clients in their Amazon Web Service (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets. Each Coin Transfer file contains a list of investor accounts with current status for all crypto coin transfers at the time the report runs. If a transfer is not in a terminal state (e.g., COMPLETE, CANCELLED, or REJECTED) by the time the report runs, a record in the Coin Transfer file provides details that include the latest status. Once the transfer reaches a terminal status, the record includes the final terminal state in the Coin Transfer file. Transfers may take over an hour to complete, so a transfer may report a non-terminal status on one day with the expectation that the transfer reaches the terminal status on the next day. Clients may use this file to reconcile their systems' coin transfers versus Bakkt coin transfers.

The position file name convention is as follows:

  • CorrespondentCode_YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS_coin_transfers.csv
  • (e.g., XYYZ_20221201-164503_coin_transfer.csv).

The Coin Transfer file includes the following fields.

accountThe unique account identification number for the investor's account (e.g., XYZ12345)
created_atThe date/time in UTC of the transfer creation
apexcryptotransferidThe UUID that Bakkt assigns to the transfer transaction
client_transaction_idThe UUID that goes with all withdrawal requests; blank for deposits
currencyThe coin symbol for the transferring cryptocurrency coin
quantityThe quantity of the sending or receiving coin
typeThe coin transfer type (e.g., WITHDRAWAL or DEPOSIT)
feeestimateidThe ID for the estimated fees for the associated withdrawal; blank for deposits
feeThe fee for the withdrawal in coin transferring from the investor's account adding to the quantity of transferring coin; only coin withdrawals incur fees
totalquantityThe total amount of coin withdrawing or depositing to the investor's account
usdrateThe coin price at the time of transfer to calculate the estimated fee in USD and compare to sending transactional limits
receive_addressFor a WITHDRAWAL, this is the wallet address the investor specifies for the destination of the coin that is withdrawing and transferring out of the account; for a DEPOSIT, this is the wallet address receiving the funds (i.e., the investor's receiving address at Bakkt)
kytriskscoreThe risk score for the transaction from 0-10 to develop the decision; contact the Bakkt Compliance team with additional questions
kytdecisionThe decision for allowing the transaction to complete (e.g., APPROVED or DENIED)
block_chain_hashThe hash code for the send/receive transaction found on the blockchain
modified_atThe last modification date/time for the transaction
statusThe current status of the transaction (e.g., PENDING, IN_PROGRESS, COMPLETE, REJECTED, FAILED, ACCEPTED, CANCELLED)
selfHostedThis is a boolean field if true Travel Rule is not applicable
recipientFamilyNameThis travel rule eligible field requires the last name of the recipient
recipientGivenNameThis travel rule eligible field requires the first name of the recipient
vaspNameVirtual Asset Service Provider, is a required field for a travel rule eligible transaction

Coin Transfer Example Report

2021-12-15 12:53:04.430781+00d6adf350-01f8-469f-ab45-e36ca34aa2859af05004-0000-0000-0000-000000000000BTC0.0001DEPOSIT0002MvB5eFbnvQXc3oLmBMfhnbUzv43fkDQNwMce3f21ed-83f7-426f-9ff2-8221e509cd2dAPPROVED8f68c2df9614137d11766992367fe6fec02748c9a62607e1e8f2d1e30049d5892021-12-15 12:54:43.182733+00COMPLETE
2021-12-13 21:13:15.86305+00NULL9af05004-0000-0000-0000-000000000000BTC0.001DEPOSIT000NULL30bef9c2-ae1c-420b-8a70-f0f8a84057bcAPPROVEDf75f30b87d62dabfa00d9150830ff8fc4904bd9c778641a60be9a4b86bc9f0a92021-12-13 21:14:09.789642+00IN_PROGRESS
2021-12-14 07:49:46.681364+00f46ce2b6-823f-492d-b8b3-a8ec7d3f6a5817d22415-ed80-4000-8b09-5b4efa28b4079e60be23-fc3c-4b8a-836c-c1cb76d7c125LTC0.001WITHDRAWAL84bddd31-369f-4d6f-8381-4ed2bfea2c660.720.00506432145.1stringtodotodo2021-12-14 07:49:46.713966+00REJECTED
2021-12-14 12:34:55.52743+00e684155d-3f43-41de-b1f9-70cf92486d6117d22415-ed80-4000-8b09-5b4efa28b4099e60be23-fc3c-4b8a-836c-c1cb76d7c125LTC0.1WITHDRAWAL729bea03-7e88-4a63-b66f-31b3569f38be0.720.10483151149.09stringtodotodo2021-12-14 12:34:56.625118+00IN_PROGRESS