Daily Crypto Positions


In order to manage cryptocurrency (i.e., crypto) trading and reconcile account positions for crypto investors, Bakkt provides daily asset position files to clients in their Amazon Web Service (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets. Each position file contains a list of investor accounts that have Bakkt positions. Clients may use this file to reconcile their systems' positions versus Bakkt positions.

Core Concepts and Functionality

The position file name convention is as follows: CorrespondentCode_YYYY-MM-DD_asset_positions.csv (e.g., XYYZ_2021-06-16_asset_positions.csv). The position file includes the following fields.

TimestampThe date/time in UTC when Bakkt takes the snapshot of the position
Account IDThe eight-character account identification number (e.g., XYZ12345)
Asset IDThe symbol for an asset's held position
Asset TypeThe type of asset
QuantityThe quantity of the asset held in the account at the given timestamp according to the Bakkt system

Bakkt generates the file with positions as of 4:40 PM CT. Bakkt delivers the asset position file to the client's AWS S3 bucket at 5:00 PM CT each day. Contact the Bakkt support team if any position discrepancies occur.

Daily Crypto Positions Example Report

TimestampAccount IDAsset IDTypeQuantity