API Order Reject Reasons

Reject ReasonsDescription
unknown: empty quotesYou may get this when trying to places orders when the crypto system does not have a price for the symbol in your order.
unknown: trade quantity exceeds position sideYou will get this when you try to sell more coin than what the BCS system believes you have
internal: Could not retrieve jurisdiction status for correspondent accountWhen an account does not have a valid jurisdiction e.g. state of ZZ or the jurisdiction status that this has account is not referenced in BCS systems.
price too far through marketWhen you try and place an order more than 10% away from the market we will reject it. it is based on the wrong side of the market, you can’t place a limit sell that’s 10% lower than the current bid and can’t place a limit buy that’s 10% higher than the current ask
invalid_argument: live_till Order expiredWhen you try to place an order during the BCS maintenance window (16:30-17:05CT) you will receive these.
failed_precondition: unable to trade due to 'NY' allowing CLOSE onlyAttempting to place a Buy order from a jurisdiction that is not enabled for purchasing Crypto on that symbol
invalid_argument: price may not place orders of XLMUSD with more than 4 decimal places, had 6The order placed has too many decimal places for price for specified Symbol.
invalid_argument: quantity order notional must be more than $1.00 unless selling out entire positionThis happens when you try to buy or sell < $1 of coin. BCS only allows below that limit when you are selling an entire position